“Author, Innovator, Filmmaker, Speaker, & Real Estate Investor”


“Bill Bymel is the founder of RSI Asset Management, a Florida-based advisor to private equity funds investing in real assets. He is also a certified property management executive and managing director at Spurs Capital, an investment manager that specializes in distressed mortgage investments. His talents are widely acknowledged in the industry.”


Win Win Revolution

Win-Win Revolution is an essential guide for anyone who may be interested in the NPL market or who is concerned about ethical issues surrounding mortgage servicing. Filled with valuable information and insights, this book covers a host of different scenarios and provides blueprints for creating no-lose solutions that will benefit all parties involved.

Bill Bymel understands that default and foreclosure is not a game. It affects families and futures. The true stories and successes he describes in Win-Win Revolution are proof positive that doing the right thing can also be very smart business.