As we near the end of the first quarter of 2024, and we navigate the swiftly changing currents of the real estate market, this episode of the Real Estate Lowdown is a vibrant reflection of this first quarter.

Fresh from key industry conferences in Florida, I’m dissecting the impact of election years on market expectations and the crucial paradigm shifts influenced by fluctuating interest rates.

Listen in as I share my personal experiences in distressed residential real estate, stressing the importance of being ahead of the curve to seize opportunities that many might miss – much like the profitable foresight some had during the onset of the COVID pandemic.

Key insights not to be missed:
• The correlation between election years and interest rates on the real estate market.
• The fallacies and misconceptions that will hinder your success in real estate.
• Being strategic in order to foresee, identify and seize the opportunities that many overlook.

If you lean in and listen closely, you’ll gleam my secrets to emerge with a fresh perspective that will unlock your own insights to staying ahead in this ever-evolving real estate market, and ensure you’re well-equipped with the necessary knowledge for your real estate ventures.

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Worth the time

by Musli!

The podcast by Bill is always interesting and insightful, and there's always much to learn from them about all facets of real estate.

Great insights!


Bill is a pro and brings on guests that expand the conversation even more. This is a smart and insightful podcast that will help anyone from a casual listener to a well versed finance pro. Thanks Bill!

Packed with real world advice!


I always pick up tips from this show. I like that host, Bill Bymel uses real world examples and his experiences to get his point across. The guests are also top notch.

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