Meet Bliss Morris, a Housing Wire Woman of Influence and sought-after leader and advisor in the mortgage loan sale industry who was instrumental in shaping this market. Bliss generously shares her insights into the creation and evolution of the loan sale market in the US during the banking crisis in the 80s, and paints a vivid picture of the inception years when the FDIC began selling loans under $25,000. The intriguing part – achieving all these groundbreaking accomplishments without the luxuries of today’s technology.

Bliss Morris serves as Founder and CEO of First Financial Network, Inc., (FFN) and has been responsible for the company’s overall operations, strategy, growth and development since its inception in 1989. Working closely with FFN’s institutional, private sector and government clients, Bliss has defined the loan sale industry, selling billions of dollars in loans of all types and complexity to investing entities in 28 countries.

Venture with us as Bliss recounts the roller-coaster ride from the FDIC, venturing into uncharted waters with the founding of First Financial Network. The initial journey was no cakewalk—struggling to land contracts with the RTC, navigating rough waters till the first significant regional sale touchdown in San Antonio, Texas. However, the choppy tides of the banking industry are far from over. Together, we explore the potential future of banking, with its recent failures and the looming possibility of another RTC-like situation.

We also take a breather from the world of real estate and finance to celebrate the meaning of the holiday season. The conversation takes a personal turn as we discuss the joys of creating memories with family and emphasize the importance of enjoying experiences over more material stuff.

This conversation will rock your world about what’s possible when you’re willing to be available, explore the unknown and break barriers, as Bliss recounts her professional journey as a woman amidst a male-dominated industry, providing an honest account of the challenges faced and her keys to success in the fiercely competitive loan sales market.

This insightful episode promises to revolutionize how you show up in the world from this moment forward and inspire what you choose next in your personal and professional life!

Connect further with Bliss on LinkedIn or at First Financial Network.

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