Happy Holidays! This episode of the Real Estate Lowdown is a special replay of our First Lien Capital year end Win-Win Webinar on December 13, 2023 with my guest, Kamil Homsi. We delve into an engaging discourse on our compelling vision for 2024 – focusing on the interplay between the geopolitical landscape and the commercial real estate industry.

We share our strategic insights, navigating the intricate web of global dynamics, offering a nuanced perspective on how political shifts and global affairs directly influence commercial real estate. We dissect the geopolitical currents shaping economies and markets, foreseeing their impact on property trends, investment strategies, and emerging opportunities.

With stimulating dialogue and astute analysis, this episode illuminates the foresight needed in navigating the ever-evolving real estate terrain amidst geopolitical flux. Join us as we chart a course for 2024, envisioning the landscape and its multifaceted implications for the commercial real estate domain.

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Worth the time

by Musli!

The podcast by Bill is always interesting and insightful, and there's always much to learn from them about all facets of real estate.

Great insights!


Bill is a pro and brings on guests that expand the conversation even more. This is a smart and insightful podcast that will help anyone from a casual listener to a well versed finance pro. Thanks Bill!

Packed with real world advice!


I always pick up tips from this show. I like that host, Bill Bymel uses real world examples and his experiences to get his point across. The guests are also top notch.

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