Join me for this atypical yet captivating episode that transcends the usual real estate discussions with my wonderful guest, Craig Hacche, a distinguished technology veteran and advocate for personal development and philanthropy.

Besides being a really genuine human being, Craig is an investor with a strong mission to invest with integrity and purpose, and Co-Founder of AnswerAfrica.org, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit humanitarian organization founded in 2006 alongside his wife, the late Dr. Makena Marangu, a Kenyan by birth, with the tireless commitment to provide Africa with critical health interventions and dedicated to the eradication of Malaria.

Beyond our shared experience of navigating life as widowers, we also share the distinction of being cause in making a profound impact in the lives of others while on the planet.

In this compelling episode, we explore the essence of altruism and its pivotal role in shaping a purposeful existence. Craig’s passion for making an impact in the world resonates deeply as he discusses his charity work and emphasizes the importance of utilizing our limited time to leave a lasting, positive imprint.

Craig’s illustrious career in technology serves as a backdrop to his current pursuits in making a meaningful difference. Central to our conversation is Craig’s foray into real estate investments, which significantly contributes to his retired lifestyle quality. More importantly, Craig shares his unwavering dedication to effecting positive change, stressing the value of selfless contribution over seeking recognition.

Join us in this thought-provoking episode that transcends boundaries, will inspire you to reevaluate your priorities, embrace personal development, and embark on the journey of making your difference in the world and living a life that truly matters, guided by purpose and selflessness.

Connect further with Craig at gtalpha.org or answerafrica.org.

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The podcast by Bill is always interesting and insightful, and there's always much to learn from them about all facets of real estate.

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Bill is a pro and brings on guests that expand the conversation even more. This is a smart and insightful podcast that will help anyone from a casual listener to a well versed finance pro. Thanks Bill!

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I always pick up tips from this show. I like that host, Bill Bymel uses real world examples and his experiences to get his point across. The guests are also top notch.

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