Our guest, Heather Dreves, had initially pursued a career in education but found herself drawn to the realm of real estate. Through her role as Director of Funding and Fund Manager at Secured Investment Corp, Heather has accumulated over 11 years of experience in private lending, raising an impressive $300 million in capital.

Secured Investment Corp specializes in non-QM loans, also known as hard money lending. However, with their Circle of Wealth system, their primary goal is to educate individuals about alternative investment strategies in real estate as a more resilient and secure investment option, and empower them to make successful investment decisions with their own money.

They offer a range of investment opportunities, including High Yield Fund II and Circle of Wealth Fund III, with varying minimum investments. Their lending arm provides the chance to purchase mortgage notes on single properties, allowing investors to receive interest payments on those loans.

Through open and transparent fund operations, they aim to guide their investors to smart, aligned investment options based on your unique goals. Importantly, they debunk the misconception that a large amount of capital is required to enter the real estate investing market, encouraging individuals to explore and participate in real estate investment funds.

Tune in to this episode and discover the world of alternative investments in real estate, as Heather Dreves shares her expertise, insights, and strategies for building wealth through alternative investment options. Whether you’re new to investing or seeking to diversify your portfolio, this episode will provide valuable information to help you make informed investment decisions and maximize your financial potential.

To connect with Heather Dreves and explore investment opportunities with Secured Investment Corp, tailored to help you achieve your personal financial goals, visit securedinvestmentcorp.com.

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