Joe Bettag, Owner and Broker of Coastal Properties of Florida and Managing Member of Jupiter Realty Investments V, is a true connoisseur of the Floridian real estate canvas, and he returns to our show to sketch the shifting landscapes of the Sunshine State’s housing market.

Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience from the front lines in Jupiter, Florida, where the equilibrium of a 5.5-month inventory supply signals a market steadying its sails. Our conversation sails past the high tides of home prices that have surged to double their pre-pandemic levels and docks at the influx of out-of-state buyers who are steering the demand.

Amidst the national ripples caused by a 10% default rate on FHA loans, Joe navigates the political strategies taking shape, such as the intriguing prospect of 40-year mortgages designed to ease the pressure on market seams.

Setting our compass to the historical trends, we chart a course through Florida’s cyclical real estate waves, with insights dating back to the 1920s. Joe illuminates the path with tales of property insurance hurdles, the repercussions of Miami-Dade’s condo collapse, and new legislative currents mandating condo association reserves. From the demographic tides bringing Californians ashore to the consequences for locals, we explore how these shifts are recalibrating the market.

Joe, armed with his ventures, Coastal Properties and Jupiter Realty Investments V, illuminates the importance of nimble investment strategies and the art of securing real estate deals primed for swift maneuvers in uncertain tides.

Connect further with Joe at https://www.coastalpropertiesflorida.com.

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