Ever wondered how the gears of mortgage banking truly operate behind the financial facade? Prepare to be enlightened as I bring you an exclusive chat with none other than Richard Christopher “Chris” Whalen, a vanguard in the financial sector whose career has been as varied as it is impressive.

From his early days as a Volcker appointee to his pioneering efforts in founding Institutional Risk Analytics, Chris shares unparalleled insights that unravel the industry’s complexity, forecast the future of banking indexes, and even tease an upcoming ETF launch.

In our thought-provoking exchange, we navigate the tumultuous waters of real estate markets, dissecting the phenomena of surging property values in previously overlooked areas. With a critical eye, we scrutinize and challenge the well-worn narratives crafted by Wall Street, addressing the overlooked market abnormalities pre-pandemic, the Federal Reserve’s policy impacts, and the liquidity crunch in aging bonds.

We discuss demographic shifts and capital flows, while Chris illuminates the potential shift towards persistently higher interest rates, and the challenges that credit and interest rate experts face in an era rife with misleading narratives.

We take an incisive look at the banking industry’s hurdles, especially in the commercial sector where non-performing loans loom large, and the strategies of niche players like Bank OZK and the competitive dynamics of mortgage servicing rights ownership.

Finally, we shed light on the resilience of certain mortgage providers, exemplified through a personal account of efficient customer service that won over sluggish competitors, and muse over the repeating patterns in business practices, promising to keep these enriching conversations flowing to keep you abreast of the evolving mortgage landscape.

Don’t miss out on this compelling exploration of finance and strategy with one of the industry’s most esteemed voices.

Connect further with Chris at Whalen Global Advisors.

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