Webinars & Podcasts

2023 Win Win Webinar Series

MAY 24th 2023: Empowered Women Real Estate Investors Building Partnerships & Portfolios with Lupei Chou 

MAY 17th 2023: REAL TidBits Series: Bank Failures 

MAY 10th 2023: Purpose Driven & Recession Resistant Real Estate Investing with Maria Zondervan

MAY 3rd 2023: Marketable Title is Much More than Mundane with Spencer Mobley

APRIL 26th 2023: REAL TidBits Series: Title Insurance

APRIL 19th 2023: David Brooke’s Mastery Methods to Real Estate Mentoring and Millions  

APRIL 12th 2023: REAL TidBits Series: National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) 

APRIL 5th 2023: Why Paul Birkett Sold Everything and Saved 2,000 Families from Foreclosure

MARCH 29th 2023: The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Investing with Jake Harris

MARCH 22nd 2023: Mastering the Art of Win-Win-Win Relationship Lending with Brad Salzer

MARCH 15th 2023: Innovative Private Money Lending with Kevin Kim

March 15th 2023 : Is the Economy About to Break?

MARCH 8th 2023: Creating Your Own Unique Path of Success in Real Estate with Robert Hytha

MARCH 1st 2023: REAL TidBits Series: Real Estate Careers

FEBRUARY 22nd 2023: Anthony Powell’s Secrets for the Best Investments at the Right Time for the Greatest Return

FEBRUARY 15th 2023: REAL TidBits Series: Debt Service Coverage

FEBRUARY 8th 2023: REAL TidBits Series: Leverage

FEBRUARY 1st 2023: Win-Win Investing with First Lien Capital 

JANUARY 25th 2023: Joe Bettag’s Conservative Approach to High-Risk Real Estate Investments

JANUARY 18th 2023: Passive Tax Advantaged Investments with Jack Krupey

JANUARY 11th 2023: Why Mortgage Servicers are Better Prepared for Distress with Rick Sharga

JANUARY 4th 2023: REAL TidBits Series: FIRPTA

DECEMBER 28th 2022: Origination Market Update with Andy Walden

DECEMBER 21st 2022 : Foreclosure Market Update with Andy Walden

DECEMBER 14th 2022 : Eddie Speed, Master of Structuring the Best Deals in Note Buying

December 13th 2022 : Real Estate Sales and Mortgage Market Update with Andy Walden

DECEMBER 7th 2022 : REAL TidBits Series: Escrow

NOVEMBER 30th 2022 : My Secret Weapon to Fixing the Unfixable in Mortgage Foreclosure with Adam Schwartz

NOVEMBER 23rd 2022 : From Not Knowing What a Mortgage was to Principal and Co-founder with Kendra Rommel

NOVEMBER 16th 2022 : Kamil Homsi Conversation About Inflation & GeoPolitics

NOVEMBER 9th 2022 : Will Rising Interest Rates Destroy Real Estate Values? with Guest Kamil Homsi

November 8th 2022 : Rising Interest Rates, Inflation and the Global Economy with Kamil Homsi

NOVEMBER 2nd 2022 : Mom & Former Tech Exec Lauren Wells Turns Mortgage Note Guru

OCTOBER 26th 2022 : REAL TidBits Series: Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie: Who Are These Chicks?

OCTOBER 19th 2022 : A Colombian Family Emigrates Real Estate to USA

OCTOBER 12th 2022 : Emersons Go Off the Grid with Bryan and Laura Emerson

October 8th 2022 : NPL and RPL Secondary Market

OCTOBER 5th 2022 : 2nd Lien Note Investing with Fred Moscowitz

SEPTEMBER 28th 2022 : REAL TidBits Series: CAP Rates

SEPTEMBER 21st 2022 : REAL TidBits Series: Land Leases

SEPTEMBER 14th 2022 : Owner Occupied Bridge Loans with Ed Brown

SEPTEMBER 7th 2022 : A Troubling Rise in US Debt Levels

September 06th 2022 : Raising Capital for Real Estate Deals & September 2022 Market Update

AUGUST 31st 2022 : A Perfect Storm in Debt Markets

AUGUST 24th 2022 : Larry Taylor & 50 Years in Los Angeles Real Estate

AUGUST 17th 2022 : 1 in a Million Realtor: Erik R Brown

AUGUST 10th 2022 : Raising Capital 101 with Dave Dubeau

AUGUST 09th 2022 : The Real Estate Low Down Launches on the Mission Matters Podcast Network

August 09th 2022 : State of Real State And Mortgages

AUGUST 3rd 2022 : Hospitality that Saves the World with Christian DeBoer

JULY 27th 2022 : Jorge Newbery’s preREO – A New Angle to Buy Real Estate

JULY 20th 2022 : REAL TidBits Series: Retail Site Selection and Triple Net Investments

JULY 13th 2022 : REAL TidBits Series: Mortgages

JULY 6th 2022 : Vultures or Saviors? Distressed Asset Buyers

JUNE 29th 2022 : Inflation Crisis will Hit Real Estate


June 7th 2022: Capital & Real Estate Markets in Transition

May 3rd Win Win Webinar: 2nd Lien Buyers Discuss the Market

April 3rd KCAA Radio Show: Real Men of Real Estate

April 4th, 2022: NPL Update & Impact of War in Ukraine

March 2022: Asset Manager Update on Residential Real Estate

January 2022: Distressed Debt and Real Estate Asset Managers

December 2021: A Conversation about China with Dubai Family Office Investor

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July 13th Webinar: Construction Costs & a Shadow Inventory of Defaults

Any Walden - Economist joins the Win Win Webinar June 8th, 2021

Win Win Webinar Series - Legal Update & Opportunity Zone

Mixed CRE Opportunities

April 2021 Look at Residential Real Estate as Seen by Asset Managers in Default Mortgage Servicing

A Forbearance Storm is Brewing in America - March 9th Win Win Webinar

Forbearance Two Million Residential Home Loans in Limbo to Start in 2021

The Whipper Snapper Episode

How Technology Can Impact the Rise in Distressed Real Estate Situations

Where are the Deals? December 2020 Outlook on Forbearance & Distress

Our Solution to a Pending Mortgage Foreclosure & Eviction Crisis

Joe with Bill Bymel Interview


Winter is Coming: Mortgage Defaults on the Rise

September 1st, 2020: The Impact of Government Intervention on Mortgage and Real Estate.

Ticking Debt Bomb: State of Mortgage Market as of June 23rd 2020

Ticking Debt Bomb: Opportunities in Non-Performing Residential Mortgage Loans (NPLs)

Interview with Bill Bymel of Spurs Capital

Note Buyer Boot Camp: Interviews Day 1, Interview with Bill Bymel